Duration of the project: 24 months.

Start date: 13.04.2021

End date: 13.04.2023


Priority axis: 1 – “A Competitive and Innovative Cross-Border Area”

Thematic objective: 03 – Enhancing the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises and the agricultural (for EAFRD), fisheries and aquacultures (for EMFF) sectors.

Investment priority:  Encouraging entrepreneurship, in particular by facilitating the economic exploitation of new ideas and encouraging the creation of new companies.

Specific aim: 1- Improving entrepreneurial support systems for SMEs

Project summary: The FLOREO project will increase the motivation, knowledge and skills of entrepreneurs to innovate, create and take risks when starting a business and will facilitate the business activities of existing SMEs in the cross-border region. It will open new possibilities for start-ups and organize actions to support existing businesses with a special focus on herbal production and ecotourism. This will be achieved through joint actions to create an appropriate business infrastructure and information center, both for servicing the cross-border region after rehabilitation and for equipping an unusable plot of land and rented indoor premises. There, future entrepreneurs can develop and test their business ideas in a simulated and real environment, use business support services related to the cultivation and supply of unique herbs and flowers that can be found only in the cross-border region of Greece – Bulgaria, and develop and test ideas in the field of alternative tourism such as herbal packages and ecotourism packages.

A cross-border portfolio of qualified and experienced trainers and mentors will be created. The broad communication and awareness-raising campaign will help to further disseminate the results.

Quantitative results from the implementation of the project shall include business forums and forums for presenting the results of the project to local authorities and representatives of local and regional economic development, business training for start-ups in the production of herbs and ecotourism; simulation models. Entrepreneurs under the FLOREO project will be permanently provided with: Meeting rooms; Consultations and assistance – workshops, seminars, etc. depending on the needs; Access to computer equipment and Internet; access to specialized literature; Shared workspace

The highest added value of the project implementation will be the better geographical concentration of resources and the intangible benefits of cooperation – exchange of good practices, capacity building, joint strategies, gaining respect and trust among partners and access to wider networks for cooperation.

A “Rhodope Herb Park” will be built, which will be a center for exposure of herbs and demonstrations in the field of herbal production and at the same time – a tourist attraction for lovers of ecotourism. The Rhodope Herb Park will be built in Bulgaria, in the village of Trigrad, Devin municipality, Smolyan district.

The special advantages and the price discount for use of the business support and information services under the FLOREO project will be invoiced to the participants after the end of the project.

FLOREO Project Partners: